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Summer University Warsaw

1-12 July 2024
See you in Warsaw

Summer University Warsaw

Summer University Warsaw (SUW) offers 2-week-long courses on economics and management at Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). All classes are organised as lectures and workshops with numerous case studies, discussions and group projects. Bachelor’s and master’s level students have an opportunity to earn 3 or 6 ECTS credits that are internationally recognised. Our academic team includes experienced teachers from SGH Warsaw School of Economics. It’s worth mentioning that our university gain the prestigious title CEMS School of the Year 2022/2023.

SUW 2024 brochure available here »


You can choose between two options:

  • One morning course (3 ECTS) and one afternoon course (3 ECTS) = 6 ECTS
  • One morning or afternoon course (3 ECTS) + more free time to study or for sightseeing

Morning courses

  • Startup Entrepreneurship
  • Product and Brand Management
  • Firms Strategies in International Business

Afternoon courses

  • Creative Problem-Solving Process and Design Thinking
  • Coaching

For more information, please read the Summer University Warsaw Statute 2024.


Morning courses between 9.00-12.15

Startup Entrepreneurship - Syllabus available HERE

The main objective of the course is to provide the knowledge necessary to run one's own ventures in a rapidly changing economic environment, in which new technologies play a key role. The curriculum covers issues related to the development of one's own business in a dynamic environment.

After the course, you will:

  • define the role of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship
  • know the trends shaping modern business
  • understand the mechanisms of financing startups and the functioning of the startup ecosystem
  • conduct strategic analysis to plan the strategy of a new business venture

Product and Brand Management - Syllabus available HERE

The main objectives of the course are present the patterns, rules and objectives of product and brand management within a contemporary company. It is to deliver knowledge on the role the products and concepts of a product, product strategies, brands, brand managers, brand strategies play in the corporate strategy, its’ implementation, corporate marketing and in building competitive advantages.

After the course, you will:

  • gain general knowledge of marketing, sales, product and brand management
  • understand fundamental economic and other determinants of the functioning of the product and brand on the market
  • use knowledge to solve complex problems in product and brand management
  • perform the role of product and brand manager

Firms Strategies in International Business - Syllabus available HERE

This course aims to enhance students' capabilities in analyzing and evaluating the internal and external factors that influence a firm's strategy in an international context. It will cover the origins of a firm's international competitive advantage, ensuring students become familiar with the distinct aspects of business and corporate strategies in the global market. Additionally, the course will introduce students to the concept of international networking for firms.

After the course, you will:

  • understand contemporary theoretical concepts in an area of international business and strategic management
  • know how to apply the appropriate instruments for the analysis and assessment of the operating conditions of the firm in the international business context
  • formulate and justify a business-level strategy, corporate strategy and network-level strategy in international business


Afternoon classes between 13.15-16.30

Creative Problem-Solving Process and Design Thinking - Syllabus available HERE

This course aims to teach the methodology of the creative problem-solving process and the design thinking method.

After the course, you will:

  • know the stages of the creative problem-solving method and the design thinking methodology
  • be able to manage the process according to the method of creative problem solving and the design thinking method
  • take on the role of a team leader in the process according to the creative problem-solving method and the design thinking method

Coaching - Syllabus available HERE

The goal of the coaching workshop is to make the students familiar in practice with the wide range of types and varieties of coaching. During the course participants will learn about the coaching methods and tools applied in coaching, conducting coaching talks, as well as gain understanding of the relation between coaching and associated disciplines.

After the course, you will:

  • recognise varieties of coaching
  • understand techniques and methods used in coaching
  • know the basics of professional coaching talk
  • be able to handle difficult situations in coaching relationship


Academic team

Startup Entrepreneurship

Albert Tomaszewski
Albert Tomaszewski, PhD, an Associate Professor in the Department of Strategic Management at SGH Warsaw School of Economics. A researcher of contemporary entrepreneurship and new-economy organizations (i.e. startups). A lecturer (with 10 years of experience in graduate and post-graduate courses), educator, business trainer and consultant with startups experience of his own.





Firms Strategies in International Business

Anna Masłoń-Oracz
Anna Masłoń-Oracz, PhD, is a lecturer at three continents (Europe, Africa and Asia), based at SGH Warsaw School of Economics. She is an economist and organizational behavior expert. Dr Anna is also and a member of the International Women’s Forum, and Vice-President of Polish European Community Study Association. As a business oriented researcher, Dr Anna has done analysis on how clusters influence regional development competitiveness from smart specialisation perspective. She is also involved in international projects in many countries in Africa concerning women empowerment, development of SME’s and regional innovation system to enhance the role and importance of regional innovation systems (RIS) in economic development and growth.


Creative Problem-Solving Process and Design Thinking

Rafał Kasprzak
Prof. Rafał Kasprzak, PhD, academic teacher at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, working at the Institute of Management. Author of many research and economics projects focusing on the issue of innovation and cooperation between science and business. He has professional experience in the areas of business consulting services to organizations implementing innovation and in management of innovation projects in the cultural and creative sector.
Key areas of scientific interests: creative industries (cultural and creative industries), their relationship with innovation and creativity, theirs impact on the local economy and household behavior. He developed tools supporting the functioning of cultural activities, counselor and certified trainer in fundraising and the author of project proposals. Graduate Master of Business Administration at the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Rennes (France).
Author of book about the creative sector in Poland, available on-line HERE.




Product and Brand Management

Mikołaj Pindelski
Prof. Mikołaj Pindelski, PhD, Collegium of Management and Finance, SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Author of publications on making strategy work, operations management, sales, sales management and strategic management in both Polish and English languages. Leader and team member of numerous research and consultancy projects on the topics mentioned. Was teaching at universities worldwide – Nottingham Trent University (UK), Institute of Management Technology (New Delhi/Ghaziabad, India), Estonian Business School (Tallin, Estonia), Tel Aviv University, (Israel), Vilnius University (Lithuania), Ecole Superieur de Commerce (Rennes, France). Former research and teaching fellow at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan, Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv/Ramat Gan, Fordham University, New York and Tel Aviv University. Last 10 years spent on projects for numerous international companies as Carlsberg, Leroy Merlin, Abbott, Raiffeisen, Tesco and many others.
Contact: Mikolaj.Pindelski@sgh.waw.pl


Joanna Żukowska
Prof. Joanna Żukowska, PhD, Professor at Entrepreneurship and Business Environment Unit at the Institute of Enterprise at SGH Warsaw School of Economics. She holds International Coach Certificate in the scope of coaching, learning and development, issued by Edexcel and BTEC Professional Qualifications. She was conferred the CoachWise Certificate accredited with the International Coach Federation. The tutor of Acceleration Scientific Society. Head of Post-Graduation Studies - Academy of Professional Coach at Warsaw School of Economics. She specializes at HR management, marketing communication, coaching, creation of relationships with clients. She make her core research in HRM area. She is specially interested in employees’ evaluation theories and methods. She took part in scholarship at the University of Bologna in Italy and at Fordham University of New York City. She was the visiting professor in Toulouse Business School, ISCAP Porto, Vilnius Business School, Turku School of Economics, ISCTE Lisbon, Budapest Business School, Universita degli Studi di Firenze. The authoress of numerous scientific publications and researches on the above topics, lecturer at conferences and seminars.


Venue and cultural events

Our summer programme includes not only interesting classes, but also a great social and cultural offer. Students will have an opportunity to visit the most iconic sites in Warsaw including The Warsaw Rising Museum and Chopin Museum. We are also planning numerous outdoor activities like guided city walks in the Old Town and Lazienki- Royal Residence Park.

Other interesting places to visit are Palace of Culture and Science, King Jan III's Palace and many more ;)

Focal point of SUW 2024 cultural programme is trip to UNESCO World Heritage sites Cracow and Wieliczka Salt Mine (2-day guided trip by bus. Please see Accommodation and fees for the price).

Accommodation and fees


During SUW 2024 participants will be staying in newly renovated STUDENT RESIDENCE HALL NO. 3 “GROSIK” in single or double rooms. The number of rooms available is limited.



The Participation fees for SUW 2024 are as follows:

  • 950 euro – base fee for attending one course, meals (10 breakfast before classes, 10 lunches and 8 afternoon snacks) and cultural events in Warsaw
  • 420 euro – fee for attending a second course
  • 200 euro – optional accommodation in students’ dormitory, in double rooms for 15 nights
  • 340 euro – optional trip to Cracow and Wieliczka (by bus)

Summer University Warsaw fees should be paid after candidate’s acceptance but before their arrival.

Please note that fees do not cover:

  • insurance (students have to buy one on their own)
  • students' arrival and departure (plane tickets, train tickets etc.)
  • bus tickets in Warsaw
  • food during weekends


Application form

The application form for Summer University is close.


Timetable of our SUW 2024

  • 12 March 2024 – application start
  • 26 May 2024 – final application deadline
  • 30 June 2024 – arrivals to Warsaw
  • 1-5 July 2024 – inauguration, lectures, social activities, sightseeing Warsaw
  • 6-7 July 2024 – optional trip to Cracow and Wieliczka
  • 8-10 July 2024 – lectures, sightseeing Warsaw
  • 11 July 2024 – self-study and exams
  • 12 July 2024 – graduation
  • 12-13 July 2024 – departures


If you had any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us:

SGH Warsaw School of Economics (Szkola Glowna Handlowa w Warszawie)

The Centre for Open Education
Niepodleglosci Ave. 162 suite 150
02-554 Warsaw, Poland

Joanna Tabor-Błażewicz PhD,
SUW 2024 Director
e-mail: jtabor[at]sgh.waw.pl